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A look at Desi Style

Parul Sehgal

One of the good things about starting a blog, hibernating and then starting up again is there is so much stuff that I had mentally filed away that I am downloading now as posts. I’m sure I’ll run out soon and then go on another multi year hiatus. For example I loved this interview/conversation between Parul Sehgal and Durga Chew Bose, partly because she mentions that her family were refugees from Pakistan to India during the partition. I love knowing these details about desi people, it feels important to me.


Anyway, I was reminded of this piece because she was on a podcast on Slate, called I Have to Ask by Isaac Chotiner. Both the pieces are interesting on what it means to be a critic but only the first even touches on what it means to be desi, even though she does mention her grandmother in both pieces.



Aishwarya Rai


Vogue India’s April 2018 

Wanted to post this here because Twitter was all over this cover shoot spread and because I found out later that Aishwarya Rai is wearing Gaurav Gupta, my friend and batchmate from NIFT!


Listen, I used to watch WWF as a kid and that goes some way to explain my extreme…uh, fondness for The Rock, but can it also cover why I like John Cena so much? Idk, idk but I was looking at reviews for Blockers which seem positive (yay!) and thats when I stumbled upon two more, new to me, desi women to follow – Sarayu Blue, who also has a comedy on NBC coming out and Geraldine Vishwanathan. Their names link to their instagrams because I couldn’t find anything on Pinterest or Google that was better.


(Flats on new Years? so relatable!)


(Also, I think this dress is the cutest! like a tiny pattu pavada sort of thing)


Tiya Sircar

The real Eleanor on The Good Place is how I’ll probably always think of Tiya Sircar. I also remember her from Master of None. (How disappointing was it that Aziz Ansari was a bad date bordering on rapey? I think he had an ok but thoroughly underwhelming response, I don’t know how much I would enjoy a third season.) Now she is the mom on Alex Inc, (which sadly doesn’t have the greatest reviews) but I really hope she’s like Mindy Kaling and we just see more and more and more of her.

The article that got me thinking about this blog again

From Superhero Shows to Soaps, South Asian Actors Are Taking Over TV
This pilot season, there’s a major boom in South Asian representation—and we’re not just seeing the same old stories anymore.

Rupi Kaur


For the longest time, I didn’t connect the period pictures on Instagram with the often snarky posts about the Instagram poet and you know I don’t know s*** about whether her poetry is good or not but she is beautiful and striking and I want her to win and keep winning, childish as that may seem to you.

Madras is Beautiful


My hometown. Wish I could be there.


abigail5 chang2 mondog3 samten3

WEARABOUT is a great Indian street style blog by Manou, that I discovered fairly recently but I’m late to the party. He’s been featured in the New Yorker and has had work commissioned by Burberry’s Art of the Trench. It’s a great mix of Indians who are clearly fashion forward and people who probably don’t give a shit about fashion but look interesting and inspirational as well a range of traditional/ceremonial outfits as well. It makes me very homesick sometimes.

No school like Old School India

I have been missing in action but I loved this post on Vintage Everyday called Life In India in the 19th century so much that I stole my two favourites to repost them here but there are lots of fantastic photographs at that link. Not so many South Indians though.

Life in India in The 19th Century (5) Life in India in The 19th Century (6)


Desi Art for the Home

artdecoman farmerwoman agiary

Recently I was looking for a housewarming gift for a friend, who had lived in Bombay (you can’t make me say Mumbai!) for a while. Naturally I turned to Designwali for some desi art inspiration and I found quite a few great ideas and then I stumbled on MoochChaap’s Etsy store.  I love all their Bombay inspired pieces and in the end, I think I may just get these for myself instead of my friend. Don’t worry, I found some good stuff that I think she will like as well.

These pieces were inspired by the Art Deco New India Assurance Building and I love, love, love the clean lines and the architectural drawing feel of the prints but most of all, it just evokes so much nostalgia in me for my student days in the YWCA in Colaba.  They also have some great graphic Animal prints as well as a series on Hindu Gods. I really, really love the series on Mumbai Transport – this is where I’m having a tough time making up my mind. Get them all right?

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