Archie Panjabi/Kalinda Sharma

by B.


Kalinda is the third side of the triangle of cool desi women on TV, I guess. I’ve been trying to figure out who else is on TV after reading this article and reading this quote

Of course, black and white are not the only colors of diversity. In recent years, there’s been a startling, largely unheralded boom of South Asian characters, thanks to writers and actors such as “The Office” ’s Mindy Kaling, “Parks and Recreation” ’s Aziz Ansari, and “Community” ’s Danny Pudi, along with characters on “Smash,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Whitney,” and “The Good Wife.” (At times I’ve wondered if this isn’t a psychic workaround: is brown safer than black?)

and really, of course apart from all the names mentioned here, the only other desi person I can think of is Padma Lakshmi.

Anyway, the first time I saw Archie Panjabi was in Bend It Like Beckham, which is one of my favorite movies  of all time. She’s the goody-good older sister Pinky and it was a little electric shock when I recognised her on the Good Wife. Such a kick ass character Kalinda Sharma is. She is the one embodying “subcontinental style” here.

I didn’t really want to do this post because I really can’t find anything much on Archie Panjabi, (like I couldn’t even really figure out where this picture is from); which is sort of nice because it means I can see only Kalinda when I’m watching TV but I’d like to know more about her too. Does anyone have any links to interviews about here?