Desi Art for the Home

by B.

artdecoman farmerwoman agiary

Recently I was looking for a housewarming gift for a friend, who had lived in Bombay (you can’t make me say Mumbai!) for a while. Naturally I turned to Designwali for some desi art inspiration and I found quite a few great ideas and then I stumbled on MoochChaap’s Etsy store.  I love all their Bombay inspired pieces and in the end, I think I may just get these for myself instead of my friend. Don’t worry, I found some good stuff that I think she will like as well.

These pieces were inspired by the Art Deco New India Assurance Building and I love, love, love the clean lines and the architectural drawing feel of the prints but most of all, it just evokes so much nostalgia in me for my student days in the YWCA in Colaba.  They also have some great graphic Animal prints as well as a series on Hindu Gods. I really, really love the series on Mumbai Transport – this is where I’m having a tough time making up my mind. Get them all right?