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No school like Old School India

I have been missing in action but I loved this post on Vintage Everyday called Life In India in the 19th century so much that I stole my two favourites to repost them here but there are lots of fantastic photographs at that link. Not so many South Indians though.

Life in India in The 19th Century (5) Life in India in The 19th Century (6)



Maharani Gayatri Devi


Found this image on Pinterest and it seems to have been pinned from Tumblr.  Not one of the usual glamour shots of the Rajmata but so cool, I mean if smoking were cool.

Indira Gandhi


Not that I am a fan of her political legacy, which is both amazing and awful but this pair of photographs of a smiling young Indira Gandhi visiting the US with her father has me charmed. Love the simplicity of her style.

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